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Queen of the harbor http://www.xssailing.com/article/queen-harbor/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/queen-harbor/#comments Sun, 01 Mar 2015 06:20:16 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17542

18 footers – The annual Queen of the Harbour 18ft Skiff race took place on Sydney Harbour today and resulted in Gayle Beck being crowned the Queen of Sydney Harbour for 2015.

Gayle, with the help of her crew mates John Winning, Jim Beck (her husband) and Cameron McDonald came home strongly in Yandoo after trailing in third place over the first lap of the course.

With the race sailed over a shortened course due to an approaching storm, Yandoo defeated second placed De’Longhi (Maddie Mitchell, Simon Nearn, Grant Rollerson, Kieran Cowan) by 51s, with Lumix (Christine Linhart, Jonathan Whitty, Aron Everett, Daniel Nixon) just 4s further back in third place.

To avoid any possible injury with very strong winds expected to hit Sydney within the hour, the starter sensibly elected to run the race over two laps of a windward-return course between Clarke and Shark islands.

From the start, Lumix quickly established a lead and led De’Longhi, Yandoo and The Kitchen Maker (John Sweeny) over the first lap of the course.

Lumix continued to hold what appeared to be a race winning lead at the final windward mark but a tangle on the spinnaker set cost the team so much time to reset that both Yandoo and De’Longhi raced past on the run to the finish.

It was important for the club to stage the race despite the approaching storm.

Since the formation of the Australian 18 Footers League in 1935, the annual ‘Queen’ race has been one of the most important events on the calendar and still remains that way.

Maddie Mitchell

In the very early days of the concept, the club, through the efforts of the various ladies competing in the races, was able to donate substantial funds towards the children’s hospital.

A wing of the hospital was actually named in honour of the contribution.

Frank Quealey
Australian 18 Footers League

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Volvo 65 Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15 Auckland NZL Leg 4 Day 22 Victory for Mapfre http://www.xssailing.com/article/volvo-65-volvo-ocean-race-201415-auckland-nzl-leg-4-day-22-victory-for-mapfre/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/volvo-65-volvo-ocean-race-201415-auckland-nzl-leg-4-day-22-victory-for-mapfre/#comments Sun, 01 Mar 2015 06:04:12 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17541 After a very close race in light winds, it was Mapfre with Javi Fernandez ESP who had the upper hand finishing 4 min 25 sec ahead of Abu Dhabi (Ian Walker GBR). Dongfeng (Charles Caudrelier FRA) crossed the line as 3rd and …

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Olympic Classes Andalusian Olympic Sailing Week Cadiz ESP Day 4 http://www.xssailing.com/article/olympic-classes-andalusian-olympic-sailing-week-cadiz-esp-day-4/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/olympic-classes-andalusian-olympic-sailing-week-cadiz-esp-day-4/#comments Sun, 01 Mar 2015 05:14:07 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17536 Only light winds prevailed on the 4th day of the Andalusian Olympic Sailing Week but nevertheless, two races by class were completed, except in the Laser Class.

Again a leader change happened in the

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Dragon Grand Prix Cannes FRA Final results http://www.xssailing.com/article/dragon-grand-prix-cannes-fra-final-results/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/dragon-grand-prix-cannes-fra-final-results/#comments Sun, 01 Mar 2015 05:13:58 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17538 No races on the last day of the Dragon GP in Cannes, and the final rankings after four races without discard have Stephan Link/Frank Butzmann/Michi Lipp GER on top ahead of Anatoly Loginov RUS and Ben Van Cauwenberghe BEL. …

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Volvo Ocean Race: Images ashore after Leg 4 http://www.xssailing.com/article/volvo-ocean-race-images-ashore-after-leg-4/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/volvo-ocean-race-images-ashore-after-leg-4/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 22:46:08 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17535 Images ashore from the finish of Leg 4of the Volvo Ocean Race.

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Passing the horn http://www.xssailing.com/article/passing-horn-2/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/passing-horn-2/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 18:43:13 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17526

BWR – The climb back up the Atlantic is long and can be brutally hard, but usually every mile feels like it is taking you closer to the Barcelona World Race finish. Race leaders Cheminées Poujoulat might be forgiven for feeling that supposition does not fit with their moods today as they are now slanted more east than north, each mile seemingly taking them more directly towards Cape Town than Barcelona, but for the two teams who rounded Cape Horn today, the ‘homewards bound’ epithet really held true. Indeed the chasing duo have taken over 150 miles off Stamm and Le Cam since their approach to Cape Horn over the last couple of days

At 0212hrs UTC this morning  it was Gullermo Altadill and Jose Munoz who passed 20 miles south of the lonely rock in second place on Neutrogena, some ten hours ahead of third placed Anna Corbella and Gerard Marin on GAES Centros Auditivos.

Neutrogena, in particular had looked set to benefit from being able to sail the most direct course north while Corbella and Marin, who passed Cape Horn at 1232hrs UTC this afternoon, were addressing the dilemma of whether to go west or east of the Falklands . Conseqently Altadill and Munoz were able to snip.

Altadill and Munoz, passing the Cape in the dark, found the Horn baring its teeth, delivering big crossed seas and gusts to nearly 50kts. Altadill, contacted briefly by satphone this morning said:

” It was quite tough rounding Cape Horn, it was quite windy with squalls over 45kts up to 50kts and really big waves, more than predicted. We thought we would only get 35kts and normal waves, but in fact we got huge waves. We had to make a couple of gybes which were in the middle of the night and so that was a bit complicated, so no we are gaining north. Now we are setting up to pass the Le Maire Straits which is another complicated place, still windy, still a couple of gybes to go and a lot current, it saves a lot of miles but it is quite complicated. The last 24 hours have been full on and for the next couple of days we get some SW and W wind so that will be good because we can gain north pretty quick. And then, unfortunately, N’ly winds which mean upwind. At least the next couple of days we can get north straight away.”

It proved a red letter day for the Altadill clan. Guillermo was crossing Cape Horn for the seventh time, lying second in the Barcelona World Race while his son Willy, was part of the MAPFRE crew which won Leg 4 of the Volvo Ocean Race into Auckland today, recording the first stage win for the Spanish boat at the end of the first leg sailed for Altadill junior.

After having had to make three gybes during the last 130 miles Corbella and Marin passed in daylight, just six miles off. For both it is their second time, after successful passages in the last edition. Corbella is 11 days quicker this time than with Dee Caffari – significantly faster even though the course is 2000 miles shorter for the removal Cook Strait from the 2014-15 route – and at this point in the 2010-11 race Marín had only just arrived in Wellington to pit stop with co-skipper Ludovic Aglaor (FRA).

Marín today said: ” The feeling that now the worst has passed is, as Bernard (Stamm) said, not true. We have a very complicated week ahead but for the emotional side things do start to feel they are easier now. But once you get past Horn you head home. You know that every day there are fewer miles towards Barcelona and this motivates  you a lot. We will have a lot of upwind now, but right now we’re pretty ecstatic”.

Corbella added:

” I am delighted. We feel very, very happy. As the last time when we passed it is such a very important place to be, it means a lot of things. I think crossing Cape Horn is like making the summit of a mountain and now we can go home, but a part of our dream is done. Now we have to finish the race, and get home,  but a part of it is already done.

Asked if she feels safer now that GAES Centros Auditivos is out the Big South she said:

” It is different. We will see because anything can happen, as we see with Cheminées Poujoulat. They have some big problems sailing in a big gale in the Atlantic but normally things are going to be easier now, especially with the cold. The cold makes everything difficult. And now this is going to change very quickly. And we are happy for that. Also we are closer to land, it is not like being in the middle of nothing. It is quite different. And the other thing is that every mile we sail now is a mile getting closer to home. Mentally that means a not. We have a feeling we are heading home and every mile is in the direction home. That means a lot.”

The next boats to Cape Horn are previewed to pass from the 7th March, with We Are Water leading One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton by 176 miles. In turn Renault Captur are 538 miles behind One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton. Jorg Riechers and Seb Audigane on the sixth placed Renault Captur have been the quickest boat in the fleet, knocking 60 miles off their deficit to Aleix Gelabert and Didac Costa.

Standings at 1400hrs Saturday 28/02/2015

1 Cheminées Poujoulat (B Stamm – J Le Cam) at 5844 miles to finish

2 Neutrogena (G Altadill – J Muñoz) + 919.7 miles to leader

3 GAES Centros Auditivos (A Corbella – G Marin) + 1042 miles to leader

4 We Are Water (B Garcia – W Garcia) + 3342 miles to leader

5 One Planet One Ocean & Pharmaton (A Gelabert – D Costa) + 3518 miles to leader

6 Renault Captur (J Riechers – S Audigane) + 4057miles to leader

7 Spirit of Hungary (N Fa – C Colman) + 5473miles to leader

ABD : Hugo Boss (A. Thomson – P. Ribes)

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VO65 traffic jam http://www.xssailing.com/article/vo65-traffic-jam/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/vo65-traffic-jam/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 17:37:32 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17525

After 20 days at sea, Leg 4 came to an end in Auckland. “It has been really tough”, admits a very happy Xabi Fernández, the winning skipper of MAPFRE. The Spanish boat crossed the finish line first in what we could call a “Volvo Ocean 65 traffic jam”! Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing followed five minutes after them only, and Dongfeng Race Team 10 minutes later. All welcomed in the Kiwi night by an enthusiast audience.

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In their words http://www.xssailing.com/article/in-their-words/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/in-their-words/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 17:22:56 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17521

February, 2015. MAPFRE celebrates the victory at their arrival to Auckland in first position of Leg 4 from Sanya, after 20 days of sailing.

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It’s part of sailing http://www.xssailing.com/article/its-part-of-sailing/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/its-part-of-sailing/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 17:22:54 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17522

“It’s hard for the guys because they sailed very well and we finished fifth only because of that one mistake Andrew Cape and I did.”

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RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show – a British tradition http://www.xssailing.com/article/rya-suzuki-dinghy-show-a-british-tradition/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/rya-suzuki-dinghy-show-a-british-tradition/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 17:21:37 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17524 Our favourite boat show in the whole world is the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show. It is like no other.

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MAPRE wins fourth leg of Volvo Ocean Race http://www.xssailing.com/news/mapre-wins-fourth-leg-of-volvo-ocean-race/ http://www.xssailing.com/news/mapre-wins-fourth-leg-of-volvo-ocean-race/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 15:38:35 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17516 Auckland, NZL (February 28, 2015) – MAPFRE (Xabi Fernández/ESP) emerged victorious despite a pair of major setbacks in Leg 4 following one of the tightest-fought finishes in Volvo Ocean Race history on Saturday night.

The victory gives the 2014-15 edition its fourth winner in four legs following successes for Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (Ian Walker/GBR), Team Brunel (Bouwe Bekking/NED), and Dongfeng Race Team (Charles Caudrelier/FRA).

All those wins in the first three stages have been hard-fought but none more so than this latest leg win for the Spanish boat, claimed at 2131 local time (0931 UTC) after 5,264 nautical miles and 20 days, two hours, 31 minutes and 20 seconds of sailing from Sanya, China to Auckland.

Stand-in skipper Xabi Fernández could not have chosen a better stage to guide his crew to victory with just four minutes 25 seconds to spare from Walker’s men, who had the consolation of becoming overall leaders thanks to a better in-port race series record than Dongfeng Race Team.

“We’re super happy to be here, and of course, it was a very tough leg,” said Xabi. “We had a very hard last day especially, but we’re very happy to be here. We have a very good team and I hope we can now show to the world what we can do and keep doing it like this.”

MAPFRE had been gradually showing improved form since finishing last in the opening leg from Alicante to Cape Town, despite their usual skipper Iker Martínez missing out the last two legs to concentrate on his Rio Olympics preparations for 2016.

Auckland is known as the ‘City of Sails’ and the locals came out in their tens of thousands both on and off the water, fresh from cheering their cricket team to victory over Australia in the World Cup earlier in the day.

For so much of a leg which started in Sanya on February 8, MAPFRE had looked the most unlikely of winners.

They lost full communications for three days when a problem emerged with their antennae, which prevented them from receiving full weather data to help them plot the optimum course.

This, with the help of the Race HQ technology staff plus partners Cobham, was eventually fixed, but they also suffered a major injury problem on board when under-30 crew member Guillermo ‘Wily’ Altadill (ESP) badly hurt his hand.

It was put in a splint and Altadill, 22, will see a doctor on Sunday to discover if he has broken it.

“I’m going to the doctors in the morning – after the party,” he said, the pain dulled by the euphoria of victory.

Walker, meanwhile, will be satisfied with his second runners-up spot in a row, and a fourth podium place. His crew skirmished with MAPFRE all day on Saturday, but could not quite overhaul the Spanish crew despite reducing the deficit to within 1nm at times.

Equally, they narrowly staved off third-placed Dongfeng Race Team by less than four minutes.

Team Alvimedica (Charlie Enright/USA) claimed fourth, just under 1hr 20mins behind Dongfeng. “This fourth place looks worst on paper than it does in reality,” explains Alvimedica reporter Amory Ross. “We’ve been so close to the leaders for so long – there’s a lot to be happy for.”

Team Brunel (Bouwe Bekking/NED) had their second disappointing leg after having shared the overall lead following their win of Leg 2.

“Myself and our navigator Capey probably made one little mistake, a costly mistake, and it was the end of the leg for us,” says Bouwe as his boat crosses the finish line in fifth place, in the New Zealand night.

“We were in the lead at the equator, and we gybed to go to the east but that cost us dearly. It didn’t work how we expected, the weather didn’t do what we thought it would and we went from first to fifth.”

To watch the live broadcast at finish, click here

Leg 4 (5,264 nm) Results
1. MAPFRE, Xabi Fernandez (ESP), finished, 20d 2h 31m 20s
2. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, Ian Walker (GBR), finished, 20d 2h 35m 45s
3. Dongfeng Race Team, Charles Caudrelier (FRA), finished, 20d 2h 39m 22s
4. Team Alvimedica, Charlie Enright (USA), finished, 20d 3h 58m 8s
5. Team Brunel, Bouwe Bekking (NED), finished, 20d 6h 30m 30s
6. Team SCA, Sam Davies (GBR), 28nm Distance to finish
7. Team Vestas Wind, Chris Nicholson (AUS), Did not start

Overall Standings
1. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (UAE), 1-3-2-2 = 8
2. Dongfeng Race Team (CHN), 2-2-1-3 = 8 points
3. Team Brunel (NED), 3-1-5-5 = 14
4. MAPRE (ESP), 7-4-4-1 = 16
5. Team Alvimedica (TUR/USA), 5-4-3-4 = 16
6. Team SCA (SWE), 6-6-6-6* = 24
7. Team Vestas Wind (DNK), 4-8-8-8 = 28

* Not yet finished

Race websiteTrackingScoreboardVideos

Background: The 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race began in Alicante, Spain on Oct. 11 with the final finish on June 27 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Racing the new one design Volvo Ocean 65, seven teams will be scoring points in 9 offshore legs to determine the overall Volvo Ocean Race winner. Additionally, the teams will compete in 10 In-Port races at each stopover for a separate competition – the Volvo Ocean Race In-Port Series. The fourth leg, from Sanya, China to Auckland, New Zealand (5,264 nm), began Feb. 8 and finished Feb. 28.

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Spanish eyes are smiling http://www.xssailing.com/article/spanish-eyes-are-smiling/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/spanish-eyes-are-smiling/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 15:38:30 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17517

Xabi Fernández’s beaming smile was as wide as the bay of Auckland.

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A lot to be happy for http://www.xssailing.com/article/a-lot-to-be-happy-for/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/a-lot-to-be-happy-for/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 15:38:25 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17518

“Probably our most complete leg.”

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Eight minutes between Podium players as Spanish win VOR leg 4 http://www.xssailing.com/article/eight-minutes-between-podium-players-as-spanish-win-vor-leg-4/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/eight-minutes-between-podium-players-as-spanish-win-vor-leg-4/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 15:37:15 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17520 MAPFRE (Xabi Fernandez/ESP) emerged victorious despite a pair of major setbacks in Leg 4

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VOR finish ‘LIVE’ and replay http://www.xssailing.com/article/vor-finish-live/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/vor-finish-live/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 07:39:44 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17504

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Barcelona World Race – Neutrogena crosses Cape Horn with 40 knots wind http://www.xssailing.com/article/barcelona-world-race-neutrogena-crosses-cape-horn-with-40-knots-wind/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/barcelona-world-race-neutrogena-crosses-cape-horn-with-40-knots-wind/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 06:23:27 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17503 Racing in second place in Barcelona World Race, Guillermo Altadill and Chilean Jose Munoz passed Cape Horn this morning

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The power of chocolate http://www.xssailing.com/article/power-chocolate/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/power-chocolate/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 05:28:19 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17502

Leg 4 to Auckland, day 19. No need to sugarcoat it: it’s not a great end to the leg for Team Brunel. Finding themselves in fifth position only couple of days after they lost the lead, they’re still fighting – and they’re still smiling. They have a chocolate-flavoured secret though.

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rounding the horn… http://www.xssailing.com/article/rounding-horn/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/rounding-horn/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 05:25:17 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17501

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Farr 40 circuit kicks off with Midwinter Championship http://www.xssailing.com/news/farr-40-circuit-kicks-off-with-midwinter-championship/ http://www.xssailing.com/news/farr-40-circuit-kicks-off-with-midwinter-championship/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 03:28:06 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17494 Alex Roepers doesn’t like to dwell in the past. However, when prompted, the New York businessman will talk about the magical run he and the crew aboard Plenty enjoyed during the 2014 Farr 40 International Circuit.

“It really was an incredible season. It was the function of many years of piecing together all the elements that go into being consistently successful on the race course,” Roepers said.

Plenty took first place in three of five events to capture the circuit crown then capped the campaign by securing the Rolex Farr 40 World Championship as well. One might think that would be awfully satisfying for Roepers, who had never won a regatta in seven previous seasons in the prestigious Farr 40 class. To the contrary, the thrill of victory only made Roepers and the Plenty team hungry for more.

“You’re only as good as your last regatta. This class is incredibly competitive and can humble you very quickly,” Roepers said. “Our goal is to repeat as both circuit and world champs, and we know in order to do that we will need to sail even better than last season.”

That’s because Plenty will have a target on its hull as every other boat in the fleet will consider the defending champions as the standard-bearer until proven otherwise. Roepers began to learn what that felt like after winning the California Cup and North American Championship.

“Clearly, we are going to be the focus of the other boats. We’re going from the hunter to the hunted and we’re up against a lot of people who want what we have,” Roepers said. “We go into every race focusing on each start and each leg. We want to finish top four in each race and if we can do that we’ll put ourselves in contention to win the regatta.”

The Farr 40 International Circuit is returning to the West Coast for the 2015 season with competition kicking off next week with the Midwinter Championship, being held March 4-7 and hosted by San Diego Yacht Club.

“Based off the massive success of last year’s circuit and the very positive response from the owners, we felt it was appropriate to return to California again this year,” said Geoff Stagg, manager of the Farr 40 class. “And we are thrilled to hold an official circuit event in San Diego for the first time. It’s an iconic venue that has long been associated with high-level sailboat racing and the San Diego Yacht Club has proven experience with running big-time events.”

The Farr 40 Class Association conducted several owner’s meetings toward the end of last season and there was unanimous agreement about returning to the West Coast.

“We were all very pleased with the venues and the overall setup of the circuit,” Roepers said. “I think a big consideration is that the local fleet in California is very strong, very motivated and that adds to the overall caliber of competition.”

San Diego Yacht Club has hosted a large contingent of Farr 40s in the past as part of the Yachting Cup. Other major regattas held out of San Diego Yacht Club in recent years include the J/105 North Americans, Etchells World Championships, Star World Championships, J/70 North Americans, Finn Nationals and ISAF Nation’s Cup. SDYC also annually hosts the San Diego stop of the National Offshore One-Design Series and the Lipton Cup.

“We are very pleased that the Farr 40 class has chosen to conduct one of its circuit events out of San Diego Yacht Club. It is widely recognized as one of the world’s premiere one-design classes and brings an international flavor to our city,” said commodore John Laun.

The America’s Cup, sailboat racing’s most renowned and revered event, was hosted by the San Diego Yacht Club in 1988, 1992 and 1995. There are two traditional courses the club uses for major regattas – north San Diego Bay for inshore racing and Coronado Shores for offshore action.

Laun said the wind velocity during the month of March tends to range from 10 to 25 knots. San Diego is blessed with a very reliable sea breeze that pipes up from the southwest or northwest during the afternoon.

Peter “Luigi” Reggio will serve as principal race officer for the Farr 40 Midwinter Championship and will be assisted by a team of seasoned volunteers from San Diego Yacht Club. Race committee chairman Summer Greene will head the SDYC contingent while waterfront director Jeff Johnson, a certified International Race Officer, will be heavily involved.

Rick Goebel is a longtime member of the San Diego Yacht Club who followed the Farr 40 class. Goebel recalled that many top sailors in the San Diego region have either owned or crewed aboard a Farr 40.

“The Farr 40 is such a cool boat and has such a competitive class. I’ve always thought about joining and finding out what it’s like to be part of a grand prix one-design class,” Goebel said.

Goebel, who has been racing a J/105 and an Etchells in recent years, recently purchased Farr 40 #134 Charisma and renamed it Insanity. It was originally known as Warpath and owned by the San Diego father-son team of Fred and Steve Howe.

Since taking possession of the boat in mid-December, Goebel has been busy getting it measured, weighed, renamed and outfitted. Professional rigger Will Van Cleef has overseen much of the work and Goebel was anxious to get Insanity on the water for some test sailing.

“This is a totally different platform from what I’ve become accustomed with the J/105,” said Goebel, who has sailed aboard a Farr 40 several times before. “These boats truly are fine-tuned racing machines. The speed and acceleration is impressive.”

Goebel is planning to do the entire 2015 circuit and has put together a strong team that includes several sailors with previous experience on other top Farr 40 crews. Steve Natvig, who runs the junior sailing program at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club, will be aboard as tactician.

“This is a whole new ballgame than what my core crew has been doing the last few years so we understand it will be a slow process,” Goebel said. “Our goal is to build as we go along. Going into this first regatta, my overriding thought is ‘Please God, don’t let me be last!’ If we could finish in the top half of the fleet at Midwinters that would be a great way to start.”

The 2015 Farr 40 International Circuit continues in May (27-30) with the West Coast Championships out of Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club then moves to the California Yacht Club for the California Cup in July (22-25). Things really get serious with the Rolex Farr 40 North American Championships, being held out of Santa Barbara Yacht Club in August (19-22) with the Rolex Farr 40 World Championships slated for Long Beach Yacht Club in September (24-27).

The Farr 40 Class thanks our generous and supportive sponsors; Race Day Sponsors Bay Club Hotel & Marina, Maserati of San Diego and the San Diego Yacht Club, and Supporting Sponsor North Sails Graphics.

Class websiteEvent details

Report by class media.

2015 International Circuit
March 4-7: F40 Midwinter Champ – San Diego, CA
May 27-30: F40 Event # 2 – Cabrillo Beach, CA
July 22-25: California Cup – Marina del Rey, CA
August 19-22: Rolex North Americans – Santa Barbara, CA
September 24-27: Rolex World Championship – Long Beach, CA

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Auckland arrivals – latest info http://www.xssailing.com/article/auckland-arrivals-latest-info/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/auckland-arrivals-latest-info/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 03:28:04 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17496

…and how to follow the fleet to the finish

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Barcelona World Race – At Cape Horn memories are made. and recalled http://www.xssailing.com/article/barcelona-world-race-at-cape-horn-memories-are-made-and-recalled/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/barcelona-world-race-at-cape-horn-memories-are-made-and-recalled/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 03:27:58 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17498 Barcelona World Race – Cape Horn beckons for second and third placed Neutrogena and GAES Centros Auditivos.

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NOOD Regatta series coming to San Diego http://www.xssailing.com/news/nood-regatta-series-coming-to-san-diego/ http://www.xssailing.com/news/nood-regatta-series-coming-to-san-diego/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 03:07:34 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17481 The largest national sailboat racing circuit in the United States, the Helly Hansen National Offshore One Design (NOOD) Regatta series, will make its second stop of the 6-event 2015 season in San Diego, CA, on March 13-15. The San Diego NOOD will have roughly 700 sailors competing on San Diego Bay for the event’s top prize – a trip to the British Virgin Islands to compete in the Helly Hansen NOOD Championship Regatta aboard a Sunsail 44i.

To recognize exceptional individual performances in each boat class, NOOD Premiere Sponsor, North Sails, will present daily awards for the top three daily crews in each class. Additionally, on each Saturday of the NOOD season, North Sails will present the best performing local boat with an award for that day’s best racing. The final awards will be presented on Sunday, March 15, at the culmination of the event.

At each NOOD regatta, an overall winner is chosen based upon the strongest finish in the most competitive class. The overall winner of the San Diego NOOD will join Grant Dumas, of St. Petersburg, Fla., and the crew of the Tripp 38 “Warrior,” along with other victors, in the British Virgin Islands in the Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta Championship.

San Diego NOOD: http://www.sailingworld.com/nood-regattas/san-diego

2015 Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta series: http://www.sailingworld.com/nood-regattas.

Source: NOOD Regattas

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First ever student team to compete in Little America’s Cup http://www.xssailing.com/news/first-ever-student-team-to-compete-in-little-americas-cup/ http://www.xssailing.com/news/first-ever-student-team-to-compete-in-little-americas-cup/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 03:07:31 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17483 (February 27, 2015) – Born as the International Catamaran Challenge Trophy in 1961, the 27th edition of the event will be hosted by Société Nautique de Genève in Geneva, Switzerland from 12 to 19 September.

Now known as the International C Class Challenge Cup (and Little America’s Cup or Little Cup), the event is sailed in the double-handed C Class catamaran, a development class with three maximum measurement limits: 25 ft long, 14 ft wide, and 300 sq ft sail area.

Seeking to join the competition is a Canadian effort born in autumn 2013 by students from the École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) in Montreal.

The “RAFALE” C-class catamaran project is supported by Julien Chaussée, a former member of the British “Invictus” team, and Simon Joncas, a professor at ETS and specialist in composite materials, in addition to 20 undergraduate BAcc and MAcc students who are at work to design and build this catamaran at the forefront of technology.

With an estimated budget of $130,000, the C-Class catamaran project is a big challenge to compete with a completely new “Made-in Quebec” boat. Thanks to key partnerships with companies that are providing high quality materials and services to the team, the boat will be on the water for the summer of 2015.

With this boat, the Montreal team will be the first ever student team to compete at the race and thus defy well-established teams such as Groupama, Hydros or Airbus.

During these two years of preparation, students are involved in the design and construction of the entire boat in the school’s workshops. The task has to be done within a relatively short time, on nights and weekends, because the participation in the project is in addition to being enrolled in a full-time engineering program.

The team will manufacture the rudders and daggerboards as hydrofoils, as did some competitors that have already brought this technology at the latest edition of the Little Cup in 2013 in Falmouth (England). The development of hydrofoils by team “RAFALE” is a success, since first the first hydrofoil manufactured in the fall allowed a first flight during testing in November 2014 on a 20ft sport catamaran. The fabrication of the foil was made in partnership with Mystery Composite, a catamaran builder near Montréal.

The construction is now in full swing and many parts are ready to be assembled. The launch is scheduled for May in Montreal in order to ensure a workout than 3 months will be in the Montreal area, before sending the catamaran by container to Geneva.

To ensure professionalism and competitiveness, team “RAFALE” is affiliated with two former members of the Canadian 49er team, Marc Farmer and Tej Trevor Parekh, which will sail the boat during the 10 days of competition. The team is following the footsteps of their great Canadian brothers, Fred Eaton and Magnus Clarke, who won the 2007 Toronto event, the 2010 Newport event, and were third at the 2013 Falmouth event.

The team is still looking for partners and sources of funding to complete the budget for the competition. Become a partner or support the project by making a donation: http://etsclassc-rafale.ca/fr/commandites.html

Event websiteClass information

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Big winds for SCYA Manning Regatta at ABY Club http://www.xssailing.com/article/big-winds-for-scya-manning-regatta-at-aby-club/ http://www.xssailing.com/article/big-winds-for-scya-manning-regatta-at-aby-club/#comments Sat, 28 Feb 2015 03:07:26 +0000 http://www.xssailing.com/?p=17486 SCYA Manning Regatta – The youth-heavy event is the fourth and last stop of the Shadden Series for teenagers under 19 .

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